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  • This fire events runes

    I understand N3 replacing the number of runes with a tick to make sure no one shows off how many duplicates they receive.

    Though my question is, will we still receive the dust for runes that we collect that are duplicates though don't get tallied on the MC or UR collection.
    Where it shows the 6 different runes and how many of each are collected, as now it's just a tick when one is collected.

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    just saw they still show in the inventory, so smelting them or knowing which ones, now you just have to click on them and search for which have duplicates and waste some time finding them..but seems to be all there.. Though people will still screen shot how many duplicates they have regardless if there is a tick there or numbers, should've kept it as it was as it was easier to see which had duplicates to smelt.


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      Is this a sinicle attempt to hide a problem


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        You still get the duplicates stacked, it just doesn't show on that screen. My guess is they hid the counts for memory issues, that screen is getting busier each event with all the crap on it.


        • Mirph86
          Mirph86 commented
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          I think your guess is way off

        • Sublime Eimar of Wren
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          It's definitely for memory issues.

          Out of sight, out of mind...

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        Spot on as usual sublime


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          FAr out why is this getting so complicated?!?!?!


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            Ahhh i get it...

            It's because they don't want the players to see which runes are duplicates
            so they won't feel pissed off when they keep getting dupes

            network is so caring
            first they began with the changes, helped me to play less of the game

            now they are taking care of my mind

            please continue to stay legendary