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Amy, why is game support cheating us?

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  • Amy, why is game support cheating us?

    First of all i want to say that(if you dont want many letters scroll to MAIN point):
    1. I love the game
    2. I really think that a good job should be paid well, so i dont mind spending( i have VIP11 in less then 6month playing)
    3. Mostly i understang what game changes are bringing us and why they come to the game
    4. Game support surprised me in a good way with responce speed and not using standart set of copypasted topic trobleshooting answers, as most games supports do
    5. I was disappointed with all “chance to get” stuff after spending $1500+ on one pack with that chance and not getting it... ok, it is a matter of random, but mu conclusion is: buy only guaranteed stuff and forget wasted money

    some issues are really sattled smooth and fast... and in the same time too many issues are answered with “we forward your issue to gamedev team” and those issues usually die there.. i suppose when player is waiting for the game team responce it is too early to close the ticket(i take a mail with surway of support work as a hint that ticked is closed)

    MAIN point, why I say SUPPORT IS CHEATING:

    I had many posts on forum and asked support many times about some certain cards...(everyone is tired of that, i know, but those cards are really important for GvG, and GvG is a major thing in this game... and the fact that older players got those cards free and newer player cant even buy them - is a bad idea) and my last conversation with support made me mad!!
    Support was convincing me that i can get Deepmoss Jaguar and Avatars in any pack and campaign level... i know that in not true and kept asking... several answers like “it is a really rare drop - go keep buying packs and stamina to gring campaign and you will be lucky one day”... i kept asking if it is true, and what are the chances.. i got same answers... in couple of rounds of my stubborness i got an answer with idea: “oh, there is no chance to get those cards at all. Sorry, forget it”

    That is a Fraud!!!! You tell ppl: “go spend and wait for luck” and actually the chance is 0!!!!!

    before that i got many other interesting FALSE info from support... one more example - i was told that avatars were avaible in 2016 for a short time and after removed... but i have allymates who started playing in 2017 and have those avatars... when i wrote that - no comments about false info

    That is not a joke and not a thing to be ignored! I have all those mails and can provide screenshots... and yes, i reported that to Itunes support also

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    Hi Monk - I'm happy to take another look at your support emails and clarify any misunderstandings. Please pass along your ticket number and I'll take a look.


    • Kali Yuga
      Kali Yuga commented
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      I just realised that heaps of heroes are based on you guys.. Are you the lady with rainbow hair, but also the variant that doesn't have rainbow hair?

      Is the unicorn centaur also a N3twork team member?

      Which other heroes are real folks? I know Alex is one, because I missed out on getting him and I get a little bit sad in every fire event. It's a sad week...

    • Americanwitch
      Americanwitch commented
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      The unicorn card Danil the architect is danil. Amy,Danil and Alex are the only ones I know of.

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    Kali Yuga, seems you will have a chance to get Alex after 3.0 release and i also noticed that Amy has a record of cards being on )
    PS: sent private msg with ticket number


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      Kali Yuga danil is a dev. I dont know if you use net app but he does inside scoop im pretty sure. And any has a dark and a light card. Im sure there are more but these are the ones ive come across


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        I can verify that all of the 4* Immunity cards are available to me (if I don't own them, they are available for dust buyback), and I started playing in December 2017.

        I'm pretty sure that they were available until the last dust pool update.


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          I got a couple of the avatars (namely the Avatars of Rage, of Pride and of Desire) by halfway last year.

          If I remember right, got them from dust pool and from a random event pack pull soon after the Makreen event.

          So they were still avalaible by middle 2018.
          Fire, walk with me!



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            But as i play those Avatars and immuners are not avaible at all... actually this post is about support giving answers that are not true... and encouraging to purchase packs that cant give you what you are looking for... not low chance, not a “rare drop” - zero chance


            • BelethS
              BelethS commented
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              Exactly. Both me and Sublime wanted merely to confirm that the support's affirmation that avatars&delayers have been a 2016 limited edition is not true.

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            Hello again... i suppose Amy has too many private msgs and my are lost there... so i post here:
            support request 451144:
            my question:
            Many ppl ask(and i did many times) for *4 immuners and avatars... i will ask direct question: How can I get Deepmoss Jaguar and avatar of pride?

            Hey Dmitich,

            Thanks for writing in.

            You can obtain Deepmoss Jaguar in Hero Recruit and Campaign (rare drop in Earth Stages). For Avatar of Pride, he can only be obtained as a Leaderboard Reward back in 2016. I hope this information helped.

            If there's anything else that I can help you with, please let me know.

            Best Regards,


            Here i notice that many players starting playing later have Avatars and also ask what campaign lvls have that drop, also said that i noticed that we get cards we see in waves and i dint meet jaguar(as well as yoran pests) in any of campaign maps

            Hi Dmitich,

            Thanks for writing back.

            I checked with the Game Team and they said that you can still obtain Avatar of Pride and Deepmoss Jaguar randomly in any Packs. For campaigns, Deepmoss Jaguar is really a Rare Drop as long as you're running Earth Campaigns. I hope this information helped.

            If you still have other concerns, feel free to message us again.



            i keep asking questions... next answer:
            Thanks for writing back.

            I'm really sorry but we do not have more information about their drop rates. And yes, you can obtain them from packs that offers 3*+ Heroes because they can also be evolved to 6*. I hope this helps.

            If you still have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.



            i still keep asking questions....:
            Hi Dmitich,

            Thanks for writing back.

            Sorry, but we do not have this information as of this moment. No worries, I'll raise this to our Game Team for a proper review.

            In the meantime, if there's anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.



            I keep questioning...:
            Hi Dmitich,

            Thanks for writing back.

            It doesn't matter what Campaign Stage you do, as long as it is an Earth Campaign. It is, however, a Rare drop, so you'll have to rely on your luck on this one.

            Don't forget to do Recruit Heroes too to increase your chances. I hope you can get them soon.

            In the meantime, if there's anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.


            after several rounds i get this:
            Hi Dmitich,

            Thanks for writing back.

            I'm really sorry, but according to our Game Team, Deepmoss Jaguar is currently unobtainable in the game.

            I'll submit a suggestion to the relevant Team for this card to be available again. While I can't personally promise any changes, I'll make sure this heard and considered.

            I appreciate your understanding. If you have other concerns or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us again.



            WOW!!!!! Many consecitive times they tell me go buy packs and you will get them or go grind any campaign map and you will get them... i had to ask same question many times making it more and more contreete to get the answer... my last question was: “what is the chance to get the jaguar on 7-2 elite”... and at first i also got smth like “we dont have this info”.... so all the conversation looks like “please go spending money, time, efforts and dont bother us”.... but that is actually a FRAUD!
            After getting the answer opposite to those i got before i didnt give up... i kept with my opinion that it is not possible to make important cards that influence major game features(GvG) unobtainable for newer players when all older players have them and use them.... For sure i got the standart “we pass it to game team” answer... I asked if i can get any answer on that issue from the game team... and what time coukd it take? But at this point my ticked got to ignore list....

            So what we have here:
            - false answers
            - signs of a FRAUD
            - ignore after standart “we pass it to game team”... i dont think that this phrase is a good “end point” for any issue.. i must be happy with the fact that issue is passed? Or witg issue reviewed???


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              HI Monk - You are right, I do have lots of private messages!

              We do our best to answer Support emails as quickly and as accurately as we can.
              We don't intentionally mislead our players. (There is much more to this email thread than you posted above.)
              We truly do try very hard to make an awesome game for you all.
              I don't have any info right now on the Avatar cards.