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  • why "NO"?

    Well, Baron and Sublime got banned, we still have no changes and instead we are getting more and more packs for cash.

    So finally after 531 days ingame i'm saying to LGOH a BIG...

    Here are the reasons:

    - banning the players who had BIG knowledge about the game, community and were bringing alot of humour to this forum and game: dear N3, this is a big slap to our community and seriously i dont like what you have done with these 2 guys, they were just telling the true which you dont like BUT we know it and we will continue somehow their path.

    - we are getting MORE and MORE options to get new cards, materials, catalysts etc etc FOR CASH (or ate least we are forced to buy gems),

    - we have 0 options to get free gems (sorry but 50 gems per level or 250 gems from B events / event collections are just a tear in ocean of needs and tehy are just laughable),

    - game is insanely UNBALANCED: devs are putting new things and completely forgetting about past, we got tons of useless cards, materials, catalysts, we got OUTDATED stores,

    - actually Legendary isnt a game, its online shop. If You dont buy = You can simply drop the event and do other things in RL or play another game.

    - IDIOTIC RNG system, we have ZERO guaranteed rewards for our hard spend money along with mystical odds for drops from packs,

    - since i started playing there were added NOTHING new to the basic content of the game. Heavenly Spire is a joke - not many can participate there, not even mention new players who have no chance of getting proper cards for it,

    - there is 3.0 rolling out but still we are getting mainly G1 and with some luck G2 cards - seriously? Whats the point of giving such old cards when there is already totally "new" game with completely different mechanics and cards?

    - N3 is asking us about enjoyment from the game, giving surveys to fill, we are giving ALOT of ideas on forums and what we get in return? NOTHING and ZERO! So why you are asking us for our opinions if you dont do anything with them?

    - Power creep its something mentioned by Alex that N3 will not go its way but in reality we got even higher power creep with Ultimate and Punisher bosses - if players arent able to get UF/MC/UR cards - its a GAME OVER for them in certain event because they cant be competitive with others (read it: spending whales),

    I could write here more and more but i dont have will for it, there are just too many things to point out and tbh N3 knows about them from us.

    All in all after 531 days of playing, i'm kinda retiring. Will only pop up from time to time to kill a few bosses, chat with guild and do daily things to keep myself on the edge of the game. Maybe someday something will change but i guess its cut head dream...

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    When did Sublime and Baron get banned?


    • Gaussman
      Gaussman commented
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      from what i read, yesterday. There is topic moved from here to "Off-topic" section.

    • Minstrel Robert X
      Minstrel Robert X commented
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      Baron got banned I guess a couple days ago and then sublime asked why baron got banned and subsequently got banned. In the thread they asked about the dust pool update and provided screen shots of the conversation Dan had, which as far as I can remember you’re not allowed to do. So I wake up to this. I’m sure I’ll be banned at some point too, maybe we all will.

    • Evil Twin
      Evil Twin commented
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      Has anyone ever explained the justification that posting screen shots can get you banned? Can't use their own words against them?

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    Did someone screenshot their latest posts and would dare to repost them? I missed them, unfortunately...


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      They removed all of Sublime's posts as well. He had like a dozen posts all over threads on the frontpage. Purged regardless of content.

      Baron still has some posts up.

      Not too surprising as they randomly delete entire threads daily, but I hadn't seen this level of censorship yet.


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        Probably their income is not big enough to meet the expectations, that's why.
        Fire, walk with me!



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          Everything you said, Gaussman.

          Here's the the thing, though:

          The only reason to post on these forums is to communicate with the devs. That doesn't seem to be happening in any sort of constructive way. Sooooo....

          If we want to talk among ourselves, as a community of players, why try to do it here?

          Baron has a blog. Banning him was probably the best way to get us to go there. Lol.


          • BigBuddhaDerfel
            BigBuddhaDerfel commented
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            Baron hasn´t updated his blog yet, but I suppose, this will happen within a couple of hours? I´m curious about what he has to say! ;-)

          • Evil Twin
            Evil Twin commented
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            Baron has a post on his blog about the banning.

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          I completely agree with you Gaussman!
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            Thank You all for support and likes!

            If mods will move this topic or even delete it or in worse case - i will get warning or ban, it will be huge disgrase for N3. Because it will be the proof that they dont care at all about community and feedback we give them. Waiting for action from them (or maybe they wont do anything with that) and waiting also for more of Your posts guys!

            Lets show N3 that we are their strength, not their sick greedyness and ignorance!


            • Vurmalkin
              Vurmalkin commented
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              What feedback are you giving them? The feedback seems to be that you dislike nearly everything about the game yet you are still playing, so why should they change anything for you? You are just showing them they can do whatever they want, you won't like it, you will moan about it but you will keep playing.

            • Gaussman
              Gaussman commented
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              Vurmalkin i'm playing BUT i'm not giving them any income, do not participate at all in events, so i'm more like ghost then real player. But i give them feedback because i like the game and its basic idea. Its all about if i will leave like many others permanently or i will stay like now and watch what will happen to the game. If nothing will change - i'm out. Simple.

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            My 2 cents... Originally I came to the forum to find better ways to excel at the game, there were many hints and tips on a daily basis and people would react pretty fast to whatever inquiry you might have.
            Then came along the first big change and the "community" as a whole just kind of said WTF? Since then, setting aside the humor factor of many posters--Baron and Sublime ranking high there--most of the posts have been about people trying to wonder if there is more to this game then 1 company trying to make as much money as possible.

            Now, fun fact, there are still thousands of people playing this game, yet only a handful of constant posters on these here forums venting their frustrations regarding RGN or pricing of gem packs et al.
            There have been boycots to see if people can not purchase any gems during an event, yet at the same time, again, there are thousands of players during events and only a handful who are really active in the forum.

            I can understand that N3 wants there to be a positive air around the game so that fresh fish won't get scared off prior to them being hauled into the spending net, so they do their best to "silence" those voices they view as negative. On the other hand, and this has been brought up countless times before, it would also be nice if N3 actually reacts to those voicing their discontent instead of a "we've heard the community and are going to be making some changes" which only lead to more bitching and moaning. Taking away (potential) runes from Tier 1 and 2 in the packs.

            Anyway, one thing that is obvious is that trying to be professional about dealing with issues should not be left to Millenials so it seems <-or is this going to get me banned…??? gahspppppp


            • Evil Twin
              Evil Twin commented
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              They do react to those dissenting voices. By banning them, apparently.

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            old adage in customer service goes like this:

            For every complaint you hear, there are a thousand customers who have the same complaint but will not bother to say anything: they just shop somewhere else.

            If my guild is at all representative, most players are barely active. Many stick around doing this and that to kill five minutes while they are bored at work, hoping the game will some day engage them enough to do more. And some play out of habit, but are participating less and less.

            I have a theory about why Legendary and so many other similar games squeeze so hard for cash, and it's not greed. There is a reason that micropayments started as 99 cent transactions a decade ago but have long since stopped being "micro" and are now 99 dollar transactions. But I can't talk about it here. Let me just say, though, that's it not an issue that is unique to Legendary.

            Don't blame Millennials. In this case, they are working in an online economy that is probably unlike anything the older generations have ever had to deal with. I doubt anyone really knows how to deal with the issues surrounding mobile app monetization in a satisfying way. Only a few seem to be anywhere close to successful, and even long established and highly profitable game developers, like Blizzard, Valve, and Bethesda are struggling to create successful mobile games.


            • Gaussman
              Gaussman commented
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              Thats at some point true what You just said BUT still there are games which are above Legendary as most profitable games and there we have much cheaper packs, features etc. So it means its possible to make big money while being not greedy at all. But ofc we dont know the details about LGOH but still, proces are too high and we have to pay for everything.

            • Rabbit
              Rabbit commented
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              I agree, G. Completely.

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            100% agree with you !


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              Wheres barons blog? Curious to see how he got banned

              kinda sad now since he cannot carry on with his blob cuz he cant write comments here..


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              Just to set the record straight here,

              We have a publicly listed set of forum rules here. They are expected to be followed, and they will be enforced.

              Sublime was permanently banned for having received multiple warnings in the past, and despite that choosing to post an incredibly vulgar urban dictionary entry on the General Discussion forum.

              Baron Von Shift is on a seven day temp ban for receiving multiple warnings, and also disregarding those warnings.

              This forum is a privately ran space, intended to give players a place to talk about the game itself. When people violate our rules, we simply enforce them. That is also outlined within our Forum Rules.

              If people don't want to abide by the Forum Rules, they will simply have to find a different platform to express those things which violate the Forum Rules.

              Thank you,


              • addicted2cola
                addicted2cola commented
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                The one thing that REALLY makes me want to quit playing this game? The way they try to silence the people that are giving their opinions of the game. I've seen their posts. If people are going to be banned for toxic behaviour, the forum should define EXPLICITLY what toxic behaviour is.

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              For those looking for another discussion location