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Toxic Debuff blocks

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  • Toxic Debuff blocks

    Hi all,

    * Toxic Debuff blocks ALL Skills that provide healing. Since Xenoscourge's Battle Skill spawns Power Gems and Heals your team, it will also be blocked.*

    My suggestion is Toxic Debuff- only stop healing not to act as Gems silence... In this case it's act like both healing & Gems silence..
    It's not only for this Hero Xenoscourge' but also for same type of other hero too... Like: Hel, Beauteous Decay & similar characteristics hero...

    Hope u agree & support me...

    Nova(Game Name)

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    Agreed! I’ve also noticed it blocks immunity skills as well, such as Embered Morsitans battle skill, which is just dumb because that’s technically an armor skill, not healing. Definitely some changes that need to be made.


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      It has always worked this way and it works as described because any SKILL that heals is COMPLETELY blocked.

      From an attacker's perspective, a battle skill is more useful if it has multiple functions. However, that means it is more likely to be caught by more debuffs. A battle skill with only one function is less useful but also less likely to be caught by debuffs. That is a fair balance.

      Defence skills were also introduced for GVG. What you are suggesting would devalue toxin wardens and make the skill useless for GVG, which is what the primary purpose of defence skills are.

      Part of the skill in the game is getting to know different hero skills and finding a way to combine them to overcome defender skills in GVG or boss skills in events.


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        agree with chillidawg, part of deck building is selecting the right card to counter debuff/buff . Hence, cards are not supposed to be constantly amended due to please the deck of certain players only.