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Power gems overlapping

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  • Power gems overlapping

    due to some power gems spawn on each other while still spawning. when every gem is already a power gem they overlap the same lvl op power gem. It might be an idea to let the lowest power gems be overlapped first by an higher lvl power gem?

    Currently the same lvl power gems get overlapped first and you lose a bit of strength of your deck. So instead power gems IV just overlapping each other overlap the lowest power gems first so you can get that bit more damage what sometimes can be real helpful.

    It is just an idea that might improve some decks

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    What order are you activating your cards? Are you activating the cards that create pg4’s First and follow that up with those that create power gem 3’s, so on and so forth?


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      But i mean if you still have some powergems from the move before or from the relics


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        Should be easy to overlap, and very nice.