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A simple 'claim all' button on an event board

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  • A simple 'claim all' button on an event board

    I don't know if it was already proposed.
    The idea is simple : just to have a claim all button on the event board which allows us to claim all killed (guild)bosses in a raw.

    I'm not hoarding voluntarily but sometimes and mainly during frenzy times or slayer event, I can have a lot of killed bosses I have to claim one by one.
    When taken by time and play, it can be really bothering to collect them one by one.

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    Omg YES please! I’ve been talking to my guild mates about it too! Also a ‘dismiss all’ button for all the killed bosses in slayer! Like why are they even there??? I couldn’t care less since I didn’t kill them. Just have them go away automatically.


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      That would be a must have and probably easy to code.


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        Yes please do this! And maybe start asking in the game what we’d like to see instead of how the art looks?