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    We are Looking to join a fun guild. There are 8 of us active and we would like to stay together. We are as active as we can be in game because we enjoy playing it. I inherited it from from the founder and am finding it’s getting more and more difficult to attract and hold active members. We are friendly, helpful to each other and still learning. We are mainly free to play members. We would like to find another group of fun and active players to join. We understand that real life takes precedence and still manage to play at least daily. mrnovice is my in game name, let me know if you have spots for us.

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    Hey you are all welcome to come join battle cats I’ve just started the guild and I’m a daily player started it coz I was sick of the politics with other guild I just wanna play and chat n have fun n make friends.... if you can’t find the guild my user name is *Queen bee candy* add me and I’ll invite you in lol


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      I'm also looking for players just like you, see my message below. Try me, I'm very active and at rank 99 after only 2 months. You can always leave if we're not having fun.


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        I have just opened a new guild with my colleague Shadow Dagger, we are looking for players who enjoy playing the game and we enjoy helping guide players and working together to achieve the best results we can, no pressure just would like active members in the guild....I issue gem gifts each week as an extra little bonus reward, my colleague and I do well to rank amongst the top between just us two, so if you would like to add more power to our guild and reap great rewards along the way we would love to have any new members, our guild is called M@sterBl@sters, and my in game name is the same Chris.Co, you can also look for my colleague shadow dagger, we are very talkative and pleasant to play with, we are in search of others like ourselves, hope to hear from ya guys, have fun!!!


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          I just formed a New Guild.
          Name Junior Star Warriors

          My IGN us Wah Thunder Wah

          All of you can join.


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            UNTAMED is a very friendly/active guild..,with a strong core, we welcome to join us(only 6 slots available), any player who wants to be part of a growing guild!?
            We have 2 Golden rules.., GvG daily & Line ID app is a must!!! If you wanna be part of an amazing group!? message me on Line..,ID: JaKMerry.

            P.S. Overall we are a top 300 guild.,events & GvG aswell


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              Thanks everyone, the active of us have all moved.