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    Wait! There's an ethical foundation?!?


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      I just thought of a concise analogy for the novel I wrote above - this isn't a question of legality, it's a question of decency. Lots of things aren't illegal, but they are inconsiderate to the point of being disturbing.

      Its not illegal to structure a game in the fashion that the devs have, it's just inconsiderate. It's also not illegal to fart in an elevator, but people just don't do it because it's gross.

      We, the LGOH community, are all in a giant elevator that takes forever to get to the floor we need. The devs are in here with us. We, the players, are just hanging out, trying to enjoy the ride. The devs have brought along an apocalypse-survivalist supply of baked beans to ensure an endless cacophony of flatulence. It's not illegal, but it's definitely undesirable.

      Devs - please stop farting in the elevator. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. When people start getting off on the wrong floor because of how gross it is, it should prompt some kind of self reflection. Just because you can give us slot machine odds with the runes and guarantee nothing, doesn't mean you should.

      You always have a choice, you are the developers. Every now and again, break away from the business model and reconnect with your empathetic humanity. Compromise - instead of adding 2 storeys to your houses every month, just add one. Reuse your solid gold cutlery instead of throwing it out after every meal. Just make small changes so you don't have to rob us blind all the time, you'll feel better about life


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        here's the proof


        • Sublime Eimar of Wren
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          Tier 7, Steps 1 through 4 can be repeated as often as needed. It just takes stupid amounts of cash. This is sometimes known in N3tworkland as a Basic Event Deck.

        • nightreapercz
          nightreapercz commented
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          aha so sorry, he is not a cheater...only rich spender

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        Thanks for the new targa, N3! i badly needed 15 extra team HP, ❤️