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Great changes in commander event

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  • Great changes in commander event

    I really enjoy playing commander event again, before those changes, there was to many keys and that make the commander events pretty boring just killing bosses all day long, I am talking for my self before changes I still had 200/300 keys left when the event was over, now people are also beginning to trade keys and active in guilt chat

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    [s] Yes 50% less potions. And I also like the fixation on the weekly eventdeck. [/ S]


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      I'm really enjoying the huge dearth of keys and the off-the-scale difficulty of challenge but at least whales can play all by themselves, so that's nice. I always thought all along that whales should always have 5x more keys than everyone else because they're so big and have farther to swim.

      I'm glad that I now don't have enough potions to put any extra health in the deck because bigger numbers always look ugly than svelte low power numbers. In this age of obesity, as the UK government persists in ramming down us Brits' throats, my cards should not be puffed out by power. A potion diet was definitely needed, just like they clearly needed to kick their bad mana dependency.

      I also think it's great that, as one of my guild's very few big hitters, I can no longer help my newer guild members achieve a few more trophies, because I'm sure they must be enjoying watching me bat a few bosses around. They don't deserve help anyway, any more than they deserve keys.

      What I mostly like is the new calm serenity of silence in my guild. Over half haven't even started a score in this event. I suppose things have been going so well just lately that they must be exhausted through happiness.

      Also /s - probably...


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        Hahaha you make the day better with this post mate, big claps for you!!!

      • mephistoreigns
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        Hey Im supposed to be the sarcastic one here!

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      I think it is great that I get to spend more time relaxing on my weekend and less time on my phone. Good looking out for your player base, wanting to improve their life choices. Keep it up and we will all be able to stay off our phones on the weekend in the near future.


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        This event is so boring.
        The side challenges are to difficult.
        Only manage to beat the first one.
        And the keys and potions are in the challenges this time.
        So thank you whales for complaining.
        The gap between whales and others was smaller.
        Almost nobody of the guild is playing because they dont like this boring event.
        So what you have 200 keys in your inventory.Does it bite?
        Scraping for keys is so boring
        Maybe not abel to collect overkill collection is awfull to.


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          Sorry but I am not a big spender or whale, but I think the number of keys was huge before and now I think it is much more fair, even if you don’t play for a few hours you have only dumped a few spots ranking in your league,before that was impossible because of the huge amount of keys


          • badwhippet
            badwhippet commented
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            But it doesn't work like that. Everyone gets fewer keys which is better, but you get far fewer than me if you're a low spender or f2p. That means I would beat you if we were in the same league because I bought 60 - 120 more keys than you in packs. If you have spent any money on this event, that is simply not fair. The whales can now sit back happily knowing you will never have the keys they have and so will never catch them up.

            This change has simply strangled the number of keys for lower players while letting whales pull ahead with their hundreds of extra keys. It would be fair if everyone was given the same number of keys, whether many or few, but as it is now, the game has just been pushed much further into the hands of people with lots of money to spend.

          • TenFive
            TenFive commented
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            Exactly whippet. Reducing the amount of guaranteed keys makes it impossible for anyone to compete without spending an arm and a leg on keys. Id prefer that winning be based on constructing the most efficient deck and using it faster than competitors instead of winning being based on who is willing to buy enough keys so as to be unbeatable.

          • SilkD
            SilkD commented
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            You lose fewer ranks, as many players find this event is shit and not play at this Time.
            and who only sees the number of keys in the changes, did not understand the whole thing!

            I would not be upset when it comes to "a" misleading event. But currently there is only one mistake after the other. Because they hear our feedback !!! unfortunately not understand!
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          I also love how the changes have made it nearly impossible for new players to get enough trophies to get the free collection card. I mean, it's not like they actually NEED to build their card collection anyways...

          I love how less than half my guild is playing this event. I love how silent my guild chat is, because people cant be bothered to sign in to play the game.

          Thanks so much N3twork....


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            This is why we can't have nice things.


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              Hmm... the free card is easily obtained. For the 12.000.000 reward it's the first stage of the challenge. And that's possible with 2 event cards and 1 relic (2k gems worst case). So it's not that bad..


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                So I have to be honest. The changes are good. Yes. Mayhaps it feels weird to have split up trophies for GP and SP. However this also means you won't be in a disadvantage if your guild isn't strong for your solo rank!

                I for one am glad it's way less keys. I'm not buying keys for dust nor gold. If I'd do I could rank top 20 without a doubt. But I haven't purchased them since they introduced them because I'd never find the time to spend all these keys anyways.

                This is probably the first commander after 6 months where I won't end the event with more than 400 solo keys left


                • E q
                  E q commented
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                  Clearly you do not know, that in the commander events before, guild boss rewards was only a joke for a solo position points. And most of the guilds were gaining positions only because of the solo boss kills trough all alliance. Now they splited it and we have a commander event that feels more like a slayer event.

                • Vurmalkin
                  Vurmalkin commented
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                  Cleary you do not know that there is a whole boat load of players that aren't even getting their own bosses to 150+. For them guild bosses are a huge deal, there are whole leagues filled with players who used to get a good score based on their guild. There is more to the game then just overkilling level 300 bosses over and over.

                • Earl sara
                  Earl sara commented
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                  I don't understand this key thing. What does it matter how many keys you have at the end of the event. I always have 300 to 500 keys left every event and I am not a whale by any means. Just because I have keys doesn't mean I have to play all day and the keys don't stay in your inventory after the event.
                  I like nothing about this event.

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                I enjoy this week commander event! (auto replty)


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                  Personally I feel like the changes are fine for the casual players. I think the group that has issues is the somewhat serious F2P players that want to play around the level of the people that spend a ton.

                  As casual player its fairly easy now to get the ranking I would normally spend far more time for. But that's cause I am surrounded by casual players.

                  I can see how it can be a negative change for the people who like to play a lot and I really don't like the splitting of the trophies, but overal for me personally it's fine.


                  • E q
                    E q commented
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                    Agree. I spent the same amount of time on the game as usual and now i am ranked around 600 in global. As before i just barely was holding on empereors league, now i am at top 30 with ease. I feel like quality now matters more that quantity.

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                  You don’t have spend a ton of money to get a top place in your league whit those new changes, I only have the support and main event hero, by mixing them whit other I can easily get 100% overkill legends bosses lv 300 and whit less keys I think it makes it much more fair to all players to finish higher in there leagues, atm moment I am number 5 in emperors by the old system whit 5 maps and tons of keys that will be impossible for me to finish that high


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                    Few Changes Are Good.
                    Few Changes Are BAD.

                    Good - Solo And Guild Trophies Separated.

                    BAD - Challenge in Crusade - Why limit our type and Affinity? Should let's us use what ever we want. So we can have multiples choices to clear the challenge.

                    And why cannot bring ally? Crusade stage should let's us use ally. Just like Dungeons or Forge Boss.

                    Please consider


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                      For me it is better to have and not have to use,than to need and not to have.I mean the keys, and it's true in life for anything,Anyone who thinks otherwise, he wants to become extinct