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Engineer Exenka and Wasteland Spectre

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  • Engineer Exenka and Wasteland Spectre

    hey guys...umm so the wasteland spectre's passive ability is to increase honoured attack by 100% if exenka or layla is fully charged

    I tried it today and it looks like it doesn't make the nuke ability of exenka any with exenka charging a 1.4billion attack is 7billion damage when nuke ability is activated whether or not it's fully charged with wasteland spectre in the deck.

    Is this normal?

    I thought increasing honoured attack by 100% will also increase my exenka's nuke damage...or am I doing something wrong? I have wasteland spectre as the leader card and exenka to the right


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    The passive ability of Wasteland Spectre will only increase the damage output from the gem matches, and will not affect the nuke damage from Exenka or Lahlo. It was a point of confusion during the event, but was confirmed that the nuke damage does not get boosted by the UR's passive. The other note about the nuke damage, it does get boosted by using 3 keys for the 5x boost, and benefits from getting the affinity bonus (you get x2 bonus each time Lahlo/Exenka deals damage, and also when the nuke is released). At the same time, you pay a pretty big penalty when playing against Dark bosses since your damage gets reduced by half each time you attack, including the nuke.


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      Yes and no, if you fire the nuke immediately when fully charged your next gem match attack will get a buff and be the first attack charging the next nuke, thus making the next nuke more powerful.

      Trick with this deck deck is to build intensity to get as Many PGs on board as possible and time your nukes right for maximum effect.

      Its a slow deck but hits hard for overkill


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        "The passive ability of Wasteland Spectre will only increase the damage output from the gem matches, and will not affect the nuke damage from Exenka or Lahlo."

        what I just found this out after I spent so many gems trying to get the wasteland spectre
        This is pretty unfair, because it's inconsistent with what the ability is suppose to do? When I use starless skyhawk's ability it increases my drens attack, even my mondo nihil's nuke, but in this doesn't...just because it was CONFIRMED that it wasn't

        ...that's totally unfair!!!!!!!


        • AileenLove
          AileenLove commented
          Editing a comment
          It's sadly not inconsistent, since Exenka was an extremely unique hero when he came out, no units before him stored damage before for it's nuke... and no events would release again with that concept, wonder why hrm?

          All other nukes deal a % of a stat, if you boost the stat, you boost the nuke. Exenka's text just says, release stored energy. Increasing stats would not directly impact his nuke.

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        Yes it does.

        Increasing the stats increases the damage output in gem matches, which means more stored up damage and a bigger nuke.

        A 5x awakened exenka will nuke almost twice as hard as an unawakened version.


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          Yeah increasing stats increase nuke dmg..its expect to convjnce me just because the reason is “its confirmed it doesnt raise the dmg of nuke” or because he is a special card that stores damage the card can be inconsistent to not follow the wording thats torally unfair on the people who brought the card to increase nuke dmg of exenka or layla i dont have much gems and invested on the deck geez


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            The Wasteland Spectre card does exactly what it says on the back.

            Exenkas nuke is based on the damage output of the Exenka card over the last three turns.

            For example if the Exenka card hit 1 billion each turn over the last three turns the nuke will hit for 30 billion (3billion x2 affinity bonus against light x5 for 3 key attack = 30billion.

            When fully charged Wasteland Spectre does provide an attack buff. However, it has no effect on the current nuke stored. It only increases the ATK for one turn.

            If you fire the nuke immediately and begin to charge the nuke again with the attack buff active you will get a bigger nuke next time.

            Don’t expect a 100% ATK bonus to double your attack.

            The ATK bonus is additive to commander gem bonus rather than multiplicative, so don’t expect one spectre to double your damage output. If you are running 5 cards with a 4x commander gem you get a x20 bonus. Each gem is a 25% ATK bonus so you get 500%. The addition of 1 Spectre will make this 600% when the skill activates.

            For the optimal deck you need 3 spectres. When I run three the ATK buff I do get around doubles the damage output for one turn. So in the above example it would mean I store 4 billion damage instead of 3. And after bonus are applied to the nuke would hit for 40billion. So without crunching the numbers too much, I find the ATK bonus makes the nuke around 33% stronger in an optimal team.

            Its the PG4 generated by the spectre that make the biggest difference to the damage output as once you get intensity high each spectre can make 6 Pg4 per turn. Which can make the nukes hit for 200billion +.


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              "When fully charged Wasteland Spectre does provide an attack buff. However, it has no effect on the current nuke stored. It only increases the ATK for one turn."

              mcbain, you are talking about how the cards is currently working, rather than how it should work.

              Notice the wording

              "Increase honored hero's attack by 100% for 1 turn"
              Exenka is a Hero

              If you say it's normal for spectre to ignore exenka...and if you say that is normal, then I could equally then say that we are currently experiencing a bug with mondo nihil's nuke because starless nighhawk is not supposed to increase it's attack but IT IS

              There is Inconsistency

              If you continue to argue that exenka should just nuke for whatever it is stored. Then 1b stored damage should be 1b stored damage, you should then stop throwing in things like Oh but ...there's 2x with weak affinity...oh there's this 3 keys attack so it increases the attack.... " you are just talking about how it works, than how it should work. How it should work is that if I have a card which buffs my card,.....then my card should be buffed end of story!

              I do appreciate your explanation on how the mechanics of is currently working, but it doesn't sit fine with me, even if this is how it is supposed to work the wording is a trap to get people like me to buy the spectre thinking it will buff my exenka which is totally unfair. And I'm pissed off at that fact.


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                Per description, the attack boost, boosts gem-match attack. Exenka's nuke dmg is out of stored damage and is a fixed value. You cant have your cake and eat it. As far as spectre is concerned it does increase hero attack, Exenka included. Her nuke is not nuking for % of attack. If you want to go the route of card description then Exenka should just do the stored damage with no modifiers. Doesnt look like you would accept that either.


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                  OMG stop with the exenka threads! What's next celebration tiles not working?!
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                    The card says: "increase Honored ATK by 100% for 1 turn..."

                    The thing you are not understanding is this –

                    This line is talking about the Attack Rating of the card.
                    Like, that bold number on the bottom left of the card. That's the Attack rating of the card, and that's what's getting boosted.

                    For Exenka, all the damage of the nuke is already stored at that point from the three previous gem-match attacks.

                    The reason it' different for Mondo is that his nuke is NOT based on stored damage of previous attacks. His nuke is directly related to a boosted percentage of his attack rating.

                    Again, said another way –
                    Exenka's nuke is NOT based on her current attack rating.
                    It's based on damage stored from her previous three attacks.