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    I now only read the forum and the page, which i only recently found - no more playing, I open the game once a week to give the event rewards to my last remaining guild member - that is it. I have a lot of fun watching the ranting on that webpage... way more than i had playing the game over the last few months, since i now can just sit back and chill, as i do not suffer anymore. I know, it is low, but hey, i never claimed high morals.

    Anyway, i tried to login to that page with my forum email and password and that did not work. I tried to register, but it kept complaining my password did not meet the criteria, but i am sure it did... Any ideas? Just to go there and gloat a bit more.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    I just also registered. App said first, that my password is invalid and the next button was disabled. After I klicked once anywhere outside the password input field, the message about invalid password disappeared and I was able to press the next button and finish registration. hth...


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      The link just tells me that content isn’t supported on the web and to download the app


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        Are you on mobile? You can get around that by clicking the "request Desktop site" box, or your browser's equivalent.

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      The web interface for The N3TWORK is nice to have, but it has always been a bit squirrely. Back in the day it had terrible issues with chat bleed and username swapping, to the point I once had an entire conversation with Alex in which he thought I was another person.

      It has gotten much better, but honestly, it is much easier to just download the app. It'll let you link up to your in-game account, which lets you use your guild chat without logging into the game (a big plus when that would mean confronting Red Tag Overdrive). Hopefully the account registration will work properly there, too. Worst case scenario it'll let you get to the "Chat App Feedback" group and you can ask for help. THOSE devs are super nice and responsive, on multiple occasions someone would have an issue and they'd identify it, fix it, and push a new build within a day...and also ping everyone who had the issue to make sure it is fixed. Obviously not everything is a quick fix like that (the app itself is still pretty buggy too), but it isn't like trying to go through Customer Support or (heaven help us) the game devs.
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        Thank you all for the answers. I will try again later to register on the web.

        I installed the app a couple of months ago, but then deleted it again. I was too stupid to find the things i wanted. And back then the forum was still more active. Now, i just want to sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show. Maybe i will try Gen5 again, if things take a turn for the better. But i am not holding my breath...