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    Am I alone, or who else thinks that this guild vault is crap?

    The only thing what is great, is the introduction of a kinf of trading functionality into lgoh.

    BUT, the whole concept is not finished.
    • Throwing all cards of 30 guild members into one pool is crap, because the chance to get something useful for 1 draw is now veeeeery low. because you can get 29x more crap cards (and ultimate tokens and keys which nobody needs in a slayer event!!!)
    • Trading for MC, UR and Rare relict is not worthful for the player itself. For example: IF I have 2 MC and 2 UR trader cards, then I would convert these 4 cards and build the 2 pink start UF, or?
    • A big spender could clean the vault before this guild vault for some 2000$ or so, and had a 6 pink star UF. Now he is not able to clean the guild vault to get a 6 pink star for 2000$. He has to spend more or trust in the guildies that they also spend a lot and trade some cards, which theys actually need for themselve to hunt the 6* UF => This is a good thing in the new concept ;-)
    • BUT, in guilds with mostly low spender VIPs and F2P players, this new concept is more worse than the old/solo vault. Because the price is same for the tiers, but the chances to get a useful card is astronomical small now because the 9000 cards pool with more than 90% crap cards.


    • Baron Kori Emerald
      Baron Kori Emerald commented
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      I just noticed the changes in the pool. My two draws turned up with nothing. Not surprising tho.

      A guild mate sent me 6* master for free and now I don't know what to do with it. I must wait until event is over until I can get it?

    • Lucient
      Lucient commented
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      I agree too. This guild vault is crap and it mainly benefit those FEW guilds where the top players (usually whales) are in. I see no reason why my individual (or anyone's) usage of gems to open packs, has to be affected by a factor of 29x 'chance'. Whoever came up with this guild vault idea is a dumb ass.

    • Minstrel Robert X
      Minstrel Robert X commented
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      You are correct on all accounts.

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    Just my more than humble opinion on this Guild Vault (probably repeating sentiments already mentioned here):

    • Ability to trade multiple copies of cards with guild-mates whom are missing 1 to creating something special.
    • ...
    • If someone manages to pull 2 UR and an MC, and they happen to have the dust to create another MC, then what are the odds that they will trade the UR? This would mean that they don't want to have an extra pink star on the UF... The only place where this might be of use is where a person doesn't feel like they have much chance to get the Ultimate Relic to multiple pink stars and are willing to trade the rare version of a relic they might have pulled additionally
    • Whales in a guild are looking at buying tiers where their pulls are now including the 30 multiple of Non gold or silver cards. Go to Tier6 and get the guaranteed MC and hope that while heading to that Tier6 you encounter a lovely UR to boot... however, post Tier6 you are entering a zone of absolute unknown.
    • If a guilldmate who normally doesn't go too deep decides to try a little further and manages to pull multiple copies of desired cards, who will they trade with? Essentially any guild which has less than 4-5 whales is looking at either just keeping the fingers crossed or spending--which is probably what N0 is hoping will happen...
    • What about crystal dust needed to evolve UFs?
    I've gone till T6 and only managed to pull the guaranteed cards, normally through T6 I pull at least an additional 3-4 gold rewards and dito on the silver. As I am a masochist I will invest one time in gems and see what the subsequent 2 pulls are going to get me, oddly enough I am already okay with the fact that it will give me a bunch of instant pink dust and maybe an additional 2k in master/rare dust. As I said before, I am a masochist...


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      N3 had make many changes for the last 6 months.

      From G2 to G3, from normal MC collections to Vault to Guild Vault.

      What next ?

      The game play is the same, the dungeons/daily dungeons no changes.

      GVG - suggest to break into league last what we are doing in event.

      Hope the surprise is good, and will not kill the game. AGAIN.


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        Has anyone ever emptied the vault? I highly doubt it so network should stop advertising with the guaranteed full event team for everyone. While in theory possible, i requires close to a million in cash to empty the vault.

        Anyway. Where can we see the vault contents? If all masters are already gone why would i waste gems pulling more cards from the vault to get 1.
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        • mephistoreigns
          mephistoreigns commented
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          Lots of people have. J1N, Wu, and many others. Just look at Global and the number of 6* UFs each week.

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        A few hours in the event and here is my thoughts right now;

        The Guild Vault should not rely on gems to open but instead tokens from killing bosses. As a F2p I have only a 3* support hero to trade or give away. I'm "completely" unable to help out my guild or contribute in any meaningful way.

        All I can do is play the event but that doesn't open any vaults and I have to admit that I've been tempted to buy a few gems just to help out.


        • TotallyNewPlaya
          TotallyNewPlaya commented
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          Your temptation to buy a few gems is what they are preying on.

        • Silverwolf
          Silverwolf commented
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          Perhaps my perspective is skewed, but I have always felt that if you played in an event you helped your guild. Perhaps that isn't true in the high powered guilds, but it is true in my experience. Even if someone only plays for a couple of hours in an event, I appreciate their contribution. I don't think you should sell yourself short.

          My advice is play and enjoy. Perhaps you don't have the firepower this event, but collect your dust and eventually you will have an event deck to pound with the best of them! Okay maybe not the folks with the 6 pink star UFs, but who says they are the "best of them." :-P

        • Baron Kori Emerald
          Baron Kori Emerald commented
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          I'm afraid you are right about that.


          Ordinary I agree that playing is enough but this event is special. We have a few VIPs in my guild and they kindly gifted me some trading cards. Now I feel in debt and that's why I feel that I cant help out. Just guild trophies and killing bosses won't be enough.