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The "Ultimate" vault

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  • The "Ultimate" vault

    I recently read in the "player inside" question whether it is good that there are ultimate tokens in the vault, everybody wrote them and you put them away immediately ...
    if that's not contempt for the players, then I do not know

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    I had nearly the exact same pulls. 2 Ultimate tokens, and a support, along with crap gen 1 crap heroes. It's a slap in the face to all players.

    If you have a good enough deck to kill ultimate bosses, you farm plenty in the event. If you don't have a good enough deck to kill them and get them in the vault, it's like network is literally kicking the player while they are down.


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      Seems like the odds for pulling MC/UR/MH cards were too high in last event so N3 just lowered them... Or we were just totally unlucky. From 3 tiers i've got MH, 2 supps, guaranteed weapon and thats all, rest pulls were crappy like hell.


      • HighFlyer15
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        In my case, they increased them. I got MC in tier 1, MC in tier 2, UR in tier 3.
        I got not a single good pull last event. It's all RNG.

      • iArashi
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        Got the Rare Relic in Tier II though.

    • #4 pulled the Rare Relic in tier 2 and you have the audacity to complain about tokens? The ONLY thing I care about is getting Gold Rewards. UR is best, followed by MC, followed by Rare Relic. Another copy of the main relic is irrelevant for me, since I never plan on needing more than 2.


      • DLV
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        Yep, they complain about anything for sure. I am happy if I pull the UR anywhere. Wont go past tier 6. However ultimate tokens in vault is silly. I guess its not much different than some 3 star relic filler.

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      pulled from t1 up to t6. 3 MC, 3 normal relics and 2 rare relics

      Lucky though no ur pulled.
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