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    1.) What in the event stood out to you in a positive way and what did you not like?
    Was able to craft UF with the resources I had (im 100% f2p) so that was very fortunate and exciting for me
    Guild made 3rd global
    Got an Aline finally
    Warden event prize (not dragoon) = Good
    Free daily gifts = Good
    10x bounty hunter bonus (NOTE - since removed post event! not cool)
    Dark GVG warden pack - very disappointed at this

    Biggest thing about the event - No "wow Hellboy event awesome" feeling. Would have so easy to implement things to make the event special e.g.
    a) free tier 1-2 in packs implemented previously in a player celebration event
    b) would have been the best time to update the event store to bring in a positive movement into the event
    c) ability to get the "paid" support cards in the collection, everyone wants options!

    yes - lots of the word "free" in there but you are buying goodwill and brand equity.

    2.) What did you like and dislike about the event team?
    Very weak team:
    a) lacked heal even for a 20sec fight
    b) required previous light slayer UF (not MC, or UR, the UF!) to be truly competitive
    c) nukes in slayer is a negative not a positive
    d) you need to active the UF the turn before you attack - most times the ultimate gem falls into a slot where it gets used prior to when you want it to.

    Lazy deck design in the context of the Hellboy promotion - was expecting something new and exciting, instead its an old copy/paste deck
    Very poor execution based on the surrounding hype. Really took the wind out of the sales when I saw the proposed team (and played with the full team)

    Liked - cards will make great support cards (sad to say this for an UF)

    3.) What about the characters did you like or dislike?
    Art was skew positive.
    New bad guy bosses was fun (interesting art direction on some of them)

    4.) What would you say was the biggest struggle your guild as a whole had with the event?
    Motivation to play is the main factor. Games should be fun and exciting and its the core issue of the current product. There is no real incentive other than help teammates meet their personal goals be it to rank up, complete collections etc.

    Rewards are lackluster
    Event team is lazy and stale
    General sentiment is very poor
    Game team is somewhat hostile and at times very unprofessional

    I try to stay positive but it is a struggle with these underlying factors surrounding the game. The frustrating part is what I (and we) have all said is are known issues (and if not...take a deeper data dive). Would be great to get some feedback on the recent survey results.

    5.) Was there anything about the event that felt confusing to you?
    Punisher boss communication - very poor update execution



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      Worthless cards
      + no dust store update
      + worthless collection
      = no review


      • BobTheBold
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        and you didn't manage to be first to respond… what is the world coming to?

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      Support sucked. Never used her skill cause chaos wiped it out all the time.
      Boss art sucked. You can't tell me you didn't design the BLOODLETTING boss after a female body part.
      Collection sucked. Same crap
      Rune collection was laughable. You made it impossible for someone to get either the MC or UR without buying packs.
      Event store sucked. Same crap. Nothing changes.
      Radiant appearance rate sucked.
      Giving players a powerful gvg deck for a fixed price is a slap in the face of all players who have worked their butts off to build up a team. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

      I didn't have to play much because no one else was either. When I made the decision to care about this game as much as the devs care about the players, it's been a blessing.


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        Please reinstate the runes in low tiers for the MC and UR packs and lower the price of the UR pack to match the MC pack.

        This makes it easier to build a base level deck (UF + base relic) - while the top-end decks are unaffected due to requiring multiple pink stars as that is the new meta on the high end (stacking killer bonus).

        Also, see if you can adjust the self-found boss quality based on some function of karma and/or single-key overkill. Having your boss feed flooded with dinky bosses doesn't feel right when you're able to clear radiants. I know that they're necessary for weaker decks to be able to generate keys and such - but bigger decks can do the same (single-key 15%) on bigger bosses. Single-keying Emeralds and Cobalts is much more interesting than silver/copper bosses.


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          Dear Players,

          Why You keep moaning and leaving Your frustration here on forums? You wont be listened by N3, they will do anyway what they want. They really dont care.

          Simply quit the game and stay healthy, no need to lose nerves and life for this game. Go play something else (there are thousands of games, just pick another one!). I have moved to GoW and i'm just playing when i can, without being forced to play at certain times or to pay. And thats how it should be!

          Just be like me! I'm extremely happy after not playing since 5 days. And yes, there is life after Legendary, seriously! :P


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            1.) What in the event stood out to you in a positive way and what did you not like?
            Why are you asking?

            2.) What did you like and dislike about the event team?
            Why are you asking?

            3.) What about the characters did you like or dislike?
            Why are you asking?

            4.) What would you say was the biggest struggle your guild as a whole had with the event?
            Why are you asking?

            5.) Was there anything about the event that felt confusing to you?
            Why are you asking?


            • Popcorn
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              Obviously, cause he is bored

            • BigBuddhaDerfel
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              The content team said, he will be forced to play the next event as a f2p, if he doesn´t.

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            It's amazing to compare the high quality feedbacks we had up to just a few weeks ago and the ones we have now ...


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              what stood out this event is that I finally found out who does the crappy voice-over on the event-team videos… sniper, don't quit your day-job


              • Rainofjumpsuit
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                Savage AF (is less than 10 characters)

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              Sniperweed, I know this collection of info is more for you and to pass feedback on, but you know its bad when people can't even be bothered to give bad feedback anymore. You are just the messenger, sadly the devs not even slightly paying attention to the player base and moving forward with their blinkers on is crushing the love for this game, people praised and moaned about events because they loved the game, now fewer and fewer are posting.

              The event was miserable, it was hyped for so long and yet there was nothing new about it, copied decks , more useless animations. I felt like the creators thought they didn't have to do anywork on this as they were banking on with it being Hellboy people would just be happy with that fact.

              After day 1, i really couldn't be asked to carry on playing, i tried to force myself to play and even after 5 minutes i though what the hell was the point.

              Hopefully some effort is put into this next even cause I was just loosing the will to live while playing during the last event and I love this game.


              • Rand of House al'Thor
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                Have to agree. This event was a total shit-show from start to finish. From removing the T1/T2 chances for runes, having a completely craptastic deck, selling the most OP GVG defenders for $'s, adding an extra layer of stupid reward animations (for some TERRIBLE) cards that you bait & switch players on, and not updating any of the things that desperately need fixing (dust pool, event collection, event store, etc.) it's hard to interpret anything that is happening other than a blatant cash grab.

                You know what works? Creating compelling, fun gameplay where people feel like they are progressing.

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              I was really disappointed when I tried the deck in trial, I have the complete team but even I used all my keys whit that team I will probably not be able to kill it, but anyway I will not complain since I was lucky whit the ultra rare runes and got it very cheap


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                I really like the blue bowlers that throw these big rocks at buildings.

                and as usual the black balloons are awesome, allthough not as though as I would like

                this seasons skin isn’t particularly good, but the rewards are great!


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                  Was just another slayer event, there are lots of comments on the format in earlier feedback threads. Only changes I noticed were additional packs for money and pop-ups with some weird materials after every boss. I was confused about those. Were they for the money heroes?

                  Did okay damage with three goblins from an earlier starter pack + 2 free event heroes. Enough for 5% on radiants and mvps on lower tier bosses; so I'm happy about getting that starter pack earlier. (inb4 boss hp raise and removal of starter packs)


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                    1.) What in the event stood out to you in a positive way and what did you not like?
                    I still don't like frenzy bosses in slayer events the weaker guilds are struggling to get their members to the 2.4k frenzy points needed to collect the free rune. It gets better with every event that passes but it still relies to much on the RNG of the bosses.
                    And I really don't like you guys removing the runes from T1 and T2 from the event packs.

                    2.) What did you like and dislike about the event team?
                    I really liked the support card, it's a good card to have just 2 can nearly fill up the board with normal yellow gems. It's a good start for a yellow deck. I didn't like the rest of the deck, it felt lacking in power. I like the mechanics as it is a easy to play deck, but I didn't get it because it seemed weak.

                    3.) What about the characters did you like or dislike?
                    I am not a fan of Hellboy, so regardless of how good or bad they are drawn I wouldn't like them.

                    4.) What would you say was the biggest struggle your guild as a whole had with the event?
                    Frenzy bosses and getting people to the free runes.

                    5.) Was there anything about the event that felt confusing to you?
                    The fact that this deck was hyped weeks before the actual event was here and the deck was lackluster.


                    • Silverwolf
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                      Personally, I like the frenzy bosses. When they first came out our guild didn't even take down one, but now we are taking them down pretty regularly (4-6 during US waking hours). They have been fun for the guild and help us see our collective decks getting stronger.

                      That said, I firmly believe that no runes should be present in the Frenzy collection, especially in light of guilds just starting out or made up primarily of new players. Of course my opinion and $5 will get you a coffee at Starbucks :-)

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                    there's literally no point in you asking for feedback anymore


                    • Evil Twin
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                      No, really! I think they're serious this time!

                    • Sniperweed117
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                      I am sorry that you feel that way.

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                    Good event.
                    The deck was levelled so most couldn't 1shot huge eternals, wich should be a positive, since many complained about exactly that during dark slayer.
                    A lot of solo rallies=good.
                    Scoreboards not shifting in 2 hrs=good.
                    Not a huge power creep=good.

                    I don't like frenzy bosses.
                    Don't force frenzy upon guilds.

                    Please update guild/solo rewards in events to reflect the energy put into this game. It has been pretty static the last 2 years.
                    All in all, a pretty good event and a decent event deck.