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Let's all just be positive!

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  • Let's all just be positive!

    On the day that J Assange has been arrested, let's all just be positive about things that are going on, cause too much negativism only leads to cloudy skies, empty fridges and dead squirrels.

    I think that removing the [potential] rune crates from Tier 1 and 2 is a master move as it removes any doubt that you will be able to get the UR or MC.
    I think that adding punisher bosses to the Slayer event is a equal to Bobby Fischer Qf4 in game 6 winning him the game. Checkmate in favor of...
    I think that having reward bosses so that we can get catalysts for cards you can only buy is a stroke of genius.
    I think that silencing those voices who spew toxicity or plain ol' garbage whilst caressing unicorns is indeed reason a plenty to bring out the hammer.
    Lastly, I think… therefore I think…

    I can get a Huzzah?

    In closing words, quoting the great General Melchett "If nothing else works, then a total pig-headed unwillingness to see facts in the face will see us through"

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    Read something similar from Baron on his blog today.
    Good analogies there, mate! Cheers!


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      Well, Punisher Bosses will not come this Slayer event due to community feedback! That is really selective perception!? They should rather give back the rune crates in T1/2 of the packs than cancelling the Punisher Bosses!


      • Silverwolf
        Silverwolf commented
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        I know I appear to be in the minority, but I really liked the punisher bosses. Like you, I am sorry to hear that instead of giving the rune crates back they cancelled the punisher bosses.

      • Baron Kori Emerald
        Baron Kori Emerald commented
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        I liked the Punisher bosses as well. My guild fought hard to get the last punisher boss and we just barely made it. It was good fun seeing everyone doing their part to kill it. I would have liked to see better rewards than just guild trophies tho.

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      Like I said in another thread, I'm positive the Dev's would shiv me for $5 and laugh about the fool they left bleeding on the street.


      • Evil Twin
        Evil Twin commented
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        Uh, no. The devs won't do anything for $5. Spew your baseless allegations elsewhere, sir.

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      Not too sure, but all that positive feed back seemed a bit

      Well said Sir....


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        I am very positive about my free gold gift I received today. This allowed me to break the 1,2 billion marker and makes me feel part of the N3twork family!

        There was no need for them to give this for free, but they still did!


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          My doctor said I tested positive for something.

          Now I'm on antibiotics, so that's good.


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            Another positive thing is that I will have plenty of time this weekend to spend with friends, get together with a couple of guildies for coffee, drive my wife wherever she wants to...Nice change!!! Playing the game is not on the schedule, simply hanging in Emperors is fairly easy


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              My blood group is O Positive!


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                positive thing, not many ppl are playing in this event so i haven't moved much in my rank HEE


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                  I too am positive ... I am positive that by cancelling my vip, daily gems and additional purchases on legendary game of rip offs, I can afford that Ferrari I e had my eye on, can get the wife the boob job she wanted and also provide my kids with their First hot meal in years! And to think all of this has happened because network just couldn't wait til payday to pull everyone's pants down ... I'm also positive that should network continue with these ridiculous changes, they will lose even more credibility ( not sure hows that even possible) among the paying players, and therefore see a mass exodus to one of their competitors.... I myself have been eyeing up gems of war ...