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Is it worth to spend 8.4 on MC + UF in this event?

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  • Is it worth to spend 8.4 on MC + UF in this event?

    Hi all,

    I was lucky with the UR runes in this event and crafted the card. Now I have three unique runes for the MC and still one rune to collect. Theoretically I have 50% chance to have four runes, and then I could craft two remaining and get the other card too.

    However, even if the last rune is a duplicate, I will have enough MC rune dust to craft three missing ones.

    Do you think it is worth to craft three runes for the UF? Would this UF + MC and/or UR be useful in Slayer event too, I.e. for frenzy bosses?

    ​​​I don't have any 3.0 UF or UR/MC yet, except for the Innovator Drosselmeiel.

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    For what it's worth, once you have collected all your runes and you are able to craft the missing ones I would say you should always create the UF. This event, the UF and the MC and UR combination is wonderful, having the previous UF makes for more of a powerhouse, can only imagine that in 10 weeks when we are looking at the next earth commander event this same deck will still be able to waltz through most bosses, depending on what kind of lovely defensive spells the bosses craft obviously--looking at gem silence type spell that only a UR would have, now that would be a pain in the behind...


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      Yeah, I'm thinking it is worth it and will craft it anyways. Even if the crafting three runes is extremely expensive, the UF seem to be worth it.

      Especially as the alternative is a lot of useless MC rune dust leftover with no UR dust to go along with it.



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        Originally posted by Khan View Post
        Do you think it is worth to craft three runes for the UF? Would this UF + MC and/or UR be useful in Slayer event too, I.e. for frenzy bosses?
        Just IMO - but I don't think the UF would be that great for frenzy bosses. You'd need to be running the UF & UR to get generate the grail points, then likely have a counter card, which would likely only leave you 2 spots for G3.0 Slayers to really take advantage of the empowered slayer bonus. It would probably be OK, but I don't think it would be amazing.

        I will say I would craft if already have the UR.

        I'm in somewhat of a similar boat (close on both), but choose not to blow all my dust and craft because I already have a really good Earth C deck from the last event, and my Earth S are effectively non-existent.


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          It depends.
          Strong event cards are more useful during slayer. So saving your runes for green slayer might better.


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            If you have one part I'd save my dust, you can easily get 500% with just one part of the puzzle, don't waste all of your dust just to get the UF.


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              Thanks for your opinions. The last rune was a dupe, but I have crafted the MC and the UF anyway.

              For this hour or two that I could play with the deck it was amazing. I was able to do 500% overkill on Ultrakill (with Ultimate Killer bonus), with just 3 keys.

              I'd say the UF could kind of stand on its own. In that sense, that it can generate 4 PG IV every 6 turns, but also 4 PG III every six turns (from the grail). Both gem sets are three turns away from each other, yes, but maybe there's a way to take advantage this mechanic with some other cards that have three turn cooldown. Alternatively UR can support it.

              Is having two commander cards in Slayer deck unheard of? I have seen some decks working quite well in this setup.

              I'll see how the cards perform after the event.


              • Rand of House al'Thor
                Rand of House al'Thor commented
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                Khan - I have run both Thoth & Ra in a Slayer deck for a Frenzy and it did really well, but those combine for 10PG 1's & 10 PG 2's. Not sure if how that would compare with the UF and UR.

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              Since you've already collected UF, hopefully it works out for you in the future.

              Personally I find whilst beginner friendly, the deck mechanism makes it worth less than previous dragon commander deck.

              For example, it takes 6 turns to reach max output and you must have 3 MC/UR/UF in deck. Whereas previous commander takes 4 turns and UR is not particularly necessary, UF skill being self contained meaning you can take UF/MC and incorporate into water slayer decks as PG4 spawners (water not having decent mass pg spawners previously like dark/earth also makes the battle skill relatively more important). Whereas this deck's UF is a bit of a mess as you can't trigger it without extending the grail timer - so it doesn't contribute to the big hit but its presence is required for the killer bonus.