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Bug with Grail skills activation?

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  • Bug with Grail skills activation?


    When having 15 stacks of grail, and the counter is 1, activating the Main Event Hero and / or MC spawns power gems, and then making a match should then spawn the Main Event Hero and MC power gems again, because of the additional effect being applied, and on top of that, the supports power gem III's. So when activating this ability, the spawning of the support power gem III's along with the additional spawn effect of the main event hero and/or MC is broken. It only spawns the Main event and MC power gems and the support power gems are nowhere to be seen. If I do not activate the Main Event Hero and/or the MC then the support spawns the power gem III's correctly. Please fix this urgently! Sniperweed117 Alex (N3TWORK)

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    I think you need a special calculator to know what and when and why and where and who…


    • iceCold
      iceCold commented
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      It's actually quite simple, activating Main Event, MC, UR, UF when grail counter is 1 breaks functionality of spawning power gem III's.

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    This whole grain thing seemed a great mechanic, but somehow network is unable to describe in unambiguous words how skills work. If i read the card of sir gawain it clearly says that after battleskill activation it will generate 2 stacks of grain for the next three turns, so you should have 6 stacks of grain after three turns. But that isnt the case. You only have 2. So it does not generate 2 stacks for the next three turns, only once.
    If i look at the back of guru it says it spawns gems for the next three turns and when activated he spawns gems every turn for three turns, not only once.
    looks like the grain mechanic is allready broken on day 1


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      To be fair, I read it exactly like it works: The stacks LAST for three turns when the duration doesn't get refreshed...


      • Max Gumbert
        Max Gumbert commented
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        If you look at guru it says: creates two earth gems both now and for the next two turns. In that case it spawns earthgems for three turns in a row.
        Sir Gawain says: adds two stacks of grain for the next 3 turns. So why is it only for 1 turn?
        Seems pretty clear to me...

      • Max Gumbert
        Max Gumbert commented
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        As an add on: if they intended to have sir gawain spawn 2 grain only once, just simply “spawns 4 gems and 2 stacks of grain” why add the 3 turns?

      • Psychomachia
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        Because they don't know how to say that something has a certain duration, I guess...

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      Bcos they want to write long explanation to sound intellectual


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        My Grail activates but I only have the support and the headless knight. I get 12 stacks and with 3 Gawain I should get 36 power gems 3 if I understand correctly.

        I dont get that many even if I take overrides into account.


        • mephistoreigns
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          Grail applies to the counter not the cards. 15 stacks is 15 pgs regardless of what is actually in your deck.

        • Baron Kori Emerald
          Baron Kori Emerald commented
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          Oh I see. Thanks for the correction.

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        Alex (N3TWORK) Sniperweed117 Dan (N3TWORK)

        Please fix this bug. I don't understand how major bugs like this can persist nearly a day after release when we are paying money (gems) for a product.

        The player base are not your beta testers.


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          Experiencing the same problem, how is this not fixed yet?


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            I'm curious about this too. This is definitely a bug - activating the Main and/or MC delays the PG3 spawn by 1 turn relative to not activating them. The reason it matters is that if you activate when the Grail counter is 1, you get the initial set of PG1s or PG4s, for Main and MC respectively, but then the PG3 spawn doesn't happen when Grail expires, you get more PG1s and PG4s, but usually you lose most of those from accidental matching. Then the next turn PG3s spawn, but there are no other PGs being created by MC or Main, also the power boost expires just as the PG3s spawn, further reducing the hit. There is no mention of MC or Main affecting Grail expiration or its effects whatsoever. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


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            Dear player base, we apologize for our fuck up, but we never intended a support card to have the ability to spawn pg3's so we broke the deck.

            Ooops, we will get around to fixing it after the event... Pay Legendary!


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              The bug was acknowledged and fixed!