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Sea of Gems more expensive than 2 x mountains?

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    sea (25000) = 214.99 euro
    mountain (12500) = 99.99 euro
    chest (4750) = 39.99 euro
    crate (2350) = 19.99 euro
    bag (1150) = 9.99 euro

    vip = 33.99/month



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      Australia / Apple

      Sea of Gems $319.99
      Mountain of Gems $159.99

      So exactly double for the sea of gems on Apple in Aus


      • potchip
        potchip commented
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        Lol, premium pricing for apple users? well at least it's consistent.

        Android price is 139.99 for 12500 gems (always been this rate) and 309,99 for the new 25000 pack. What's the normal apple price for 12500 gems? and I thought it would be consistent in regions, apparently not.

      • Swerver
        Swerver commented
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        Yup, wow Apple dear lord! - If you were a heavy buyer may as well by a Samsung it would pay for itself!

      • Lady Elisa Korelen
        Lady Elisa Korelen commented
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        It’s a good thing I’m not a heavy spender!
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      sea (25000) = not available
      mountain (12500) = NZD 169.99
      chest (4750) = NZD 69.99
      crate (2350) = NZD 34.99
      bag (1150) = NZD 16.99

      New Zealand, Apple


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        @OP Who would buy this you can ask anywhere in this game Who buys a few pixels for $ 500?!
        Lots! Why nobody knows that: D


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          next in your shop:

          the milky way of gems - 50K gems for 499.99 USD
          the infinity gems 100k gems for 999.99 USD -> you get a file to print a gauntlet on your 3d Printer -no gems included - you have to find them (drop during frenzy bosses with lower rate than tome of reforge) or buy them separately


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            Sea 229,99 €
            Mountain 109,99 €

            10,01 € extra for 10 more guild gem boxes.

            Europe, Germany, iPhone


            • siegvic
              siegvic commented
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              Weird. I'm on Android and the mountain costs "only" 99,99 €. No sea available though.

            • BigBuddhaDerfel
              BigBuddhaDerfel commented
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              I´m also on Android but have the sea available at 209,99 €

            • DForcelight
              DForcelight commented
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              On android, germany no sea. What is this rigged *** ?? Same country, latest OS and game version and no access to it. The last 7500 gem sale hadn't be active for me either

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            Ok this is disgusting. No imaginary trophy is worth any 3 digit number. Honestly if the first thing I see isn’t a decimal point I’d question my sanity.


            • Sharden
              Sharden commented
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              The difference is the value for the $200. In theory, dinner and a movie or booze (and booze?) are probably time spent with loved ones. Joy shared, memories created, etc. Time spent with real human connection. $200 here is a little extra power for one event that becomes relatively pointless in a week.

              Even then $200 in terms of video games should be 3 entire games. Or at least 2 games with some DLC and the season pass or whatever. I mean, whole, actual games. Not little phone games. This game does not provide the same value as if I went and spent $60 on my console or PC. No where near this, not in terms of graphics, story, gameplay variety, even replayability. Since, for $60 here, one gets a few tiers of packs that aren't worth anything next week and maybe one or two cards has slight value in 10 weeks.

              I mean, I recently just bought a 65" smart 4k tv for $500. So, for less than the cost of 3 of these $200 events I have an actual, fairly permanent appliance.

              I'm very pro games. Spend money on games. Even stupid phone games deserve a few bucks. But part of that money spent is rewarding content created. LGOH isn't 100$ worth of content.

              Anyway, that might be a glimpse into the perspectives of those who don't understand/accept the spending.

            • zephyroz
              zephyroz commented
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              Sharden I think it's unfair to say someone else's value on entertainment as similar to your own. it's fine if you say it's not worth it for yourself to derive little entertainment from pixels, but for someone else, it's different. who's to say they're playing by themselves? lgoh have a tremendous online community that help, support, and entertain each other. how is that different from enjoying a dinner or movie with friends and family? it's ok to have issues with ingame spending but to judge someone for buying into the game because you don't understand how it entertains them is a misstep in my opinion.

            • Sublime Eimar of Wren
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              Sharden wrote "In theory, dinner and a movie or booze (and booze?) are probably time spent with loved ones."

              I love you, Booze...

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            Sea of Gems: P10,450
            Mountain of Gems: P5,000

            watta bargain!!


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              $199.99 Sea ------- 25,000 gems, 50 gifts
              $ 99.99 Mountain - 12,500 gems, 20 gifts

              Only difference is 10 extra gem gifts on the sea instead of buying 2 mountains.

              NOTE - I checked my store due to this post, and got 2K gold and a gold gift in my store. No clue how long that's been there as I quit buying gems a long time ago. Not that 2K gold does much good, as I have over a billion gold, but for those in need, might check it out and see if you have one as well.


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                I just got a notification in my inbox that on April 15th our prices are going to change to be more "standardized".

                I have seen this happen in MTG Puzzle Quest a few years ago - the result was that, instead of some users getting a slightly better conversion on certain denominations, everyone will get the same price - and it's the more expensive conversion rate.

                I really wish N3 just left everything the way it was. It was nice while it lasted, though.


                • mephistoreigns
                  mephistoreigns commented
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                  Prices were already "standardized" today. So may have been March and not April.

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                How much is it if I want Thanos to tell my callers he’s going to crush them, on my voicemail. Asking for a friend!


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                  Before this thread was made:

                  sea (25000) = 214.99
                  mountain (12500) = 99.99 (2x = 199.98)
                  chest (4750) = 39.99
                  crate (2350) = 19.99
                  bag (1150) = 9.99
                  daily gem pass = 5.99
                  vip = 33.99/month

                  After this thread:

                  sea (25000) = 214.99
                  mountain (12500) = 104.99 (2x = 209.98)
                  chest (4750) = 42.99
                  crate (2350) = 20.99
                  bag (1150) = 10.99
                  daily gem pass = 6.49
                  vip = 33.99

                  Android, Netherlands, all prices in euros.

                  All gem bundles are now slightly more expensive, but look much more so with the loss in psychological pricing and meanwhile the sea still isn't worth it. Stay legendary!


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                    The sad part of all of this is that n3twork actually watches the forum and react to things that are beneficial to them but totally ignores our complains and suggestions for in game changes.

                    as an example someone wrote about them giving 5 crowns instead of shards in commander event where gone In less then 1 hr. Now you guys complained about sea of gems and all our prices went up almost 10% .

                    Canada mount of gems went up from 124.99 to 134.99

                    great job n3twork.
                    stay legendary.


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                      Apparently the pricing is done by GOOGLE and N3twork has nothing to do with. I am in the UK, The Exchange rate has not moved that much in the last week or so, not enough to cause a £2 cincrease in the mountain price.

                      Also with all the issues with the GBP, the price has remained the same for the last year pretty much.

                      Alex above says the variance is due to Google's exchange rate mechanism, yet it should mean the price of Mountain of gems stayed as it was. Pretty clear that Google is not the real issue in how we pay a surcharge when comparing the price we pay to USD, compared to what the USD charge for the same item is.

                      I am sure we will see a response denying this, but no movement in the exchange rate should result in no change in the price.......


                      • Segann
                        Segann commented
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                        Yes I agree, BUT!!! If our currency will grow tomorrow against us dollars will they update that right away or we will have to pay overpriced packs , Canadian dollar is pretty flexible it will go up and down all the time that 10-15 cents which makes it 10-15 bucks when we are talking 100usd exchange onto Cad. They have updated the price for long time until yesterday.

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                      I'm really having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept that Google is somehow responsible for the pricing discrepancies, and yet as soon as people complain, somehow, N3twork is able to raise the price of some gem packs without any perceivable trouble.

                      Now that I know that N3twork is at the mercy of Google and Apple when it comes to pricing, I'm kind of hoping that next week we might see 12,500 gems for $1.99 or so. I mean it could happen, right? You know, if N3twork were truly helpless to control pricing?

                      Sadly, I still wouldn't spend.