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Guild Communication Guide - Using the N3twork App

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  • Guild Communication Guide - Using the N3twork App

    In order to be a successful guild leader it is important to communicate effectively to your team. You can do this through the guild chat screen or more effectively by using an external chat application such as THE N3TWORK app.

    When using an external application it’s best to set specific chats for different kinds of communication which forms a structure for communication in your guild:
    1. Private one on one chat - one on one chats are ideal for any kind of communication you want to have with only one individual player. This could be to discuss sensitive topics such as warning a player before being kicked, dealing with player disagreements or even to contact players to discuss potential recruitment options with them.
    2. Guild chat - ideal for team members to chat and get to know each other. The advantage about using the N3TWORK app here is that the guild chat is automatically synced to the in-game Legendary chat which means all messages can be viewed simultaneously through both chat screens. It also means that all your guild members will be automatically added to the chat in the external N3TWORK app.
    3. Council chat - this chat should consist of you and your chosen council members and can be used to discuss event strategies and high level guild topics.
    4. Announcement chat - where you should be the only one to post important information for the guild such as event strategies. You can change permissions in this chat so that it is “read only” by the majority of members in the group. Having this chat will help prevent important information getting missed in the normal guild chat.
    5. Posts - posts within the N3TWORK app are a great way to store important information that you want to refer back to or information that you want to be visible to your players at all times. Try adding a post for your guild guidelines and see if that makes it easier for you to communicate them to new players.
    Attached below is the Guild Communication Guide on how to set up a complete communication structure for your guild using THE N3TWORK App. Note that the N3twork app is constantly making improvements to the way the chat is functioning so information in the guide may be outdated due to this.

    Guild Communication Guide - Please read first

    Before you begin you will also need to download the N3TWORK app by clicking on the link below:

    Example of completed Guild Communication Structure: