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  • It would be helpful if...

    Please consider:

    1. The icons that are now appearing everywhere (in the challenge levels, the filters, the spire) also had a space on the fronts cards for quicker reference. Maybe on the card frame or banner somewhere? Sorting by each type separately isn’t great when you most likely will have to cobble things together with multiple types anyway now.

    2. If there was a way to see if you’ve already completed the challenge for a mission level on crusade map. With the reductions in maps there are less first victory prizes as well and the potions and event catalysts are helpful, so prioritizing unlocking those is important. Maybe a checkmark or a star on the challenge tab?

    3. I agree on the many recombine the trophies comments, separating them out is super rough on the guild. I can’t even help guildmates by crushing guildbosses or putting up a good facecard for this event. It’s super isolating for them.

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    Yes, I'm losing track of which challenge missions I completed.


    • ro0ter
      ro0ter commented
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      Is there a reason that you need to know this? You can do them in any order and you can just finish level 1 over and over again for basically the same results.

    • BelethS
      BelethS commented
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      Unfinished challenges have the first finish bonus rewards, while the finished challenges have just the regular fewards, it might be a reason...

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    When I finished 1-3 I think, I got a surtr fragment as a first victory reward. Not long after I got to fight a secret boss for 100,000,000 guild trophies. I'm trying to find more.