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Disciple of Light event instead of Anniversary event, WHY?

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  • Disciple of Light event instead of Anniversary event, WHY?

    We have a new player who is stuck in his own event Disciple of Light instead of the Anniversary Month Part II...
    This has been really hard for us to guide him since we have no reference to help him..
    It's been frustrating on both our accounts, lucky he shared pictures so we understand...

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    I did two videos about that beginner´s event: As a new player you are stuck for 3 days in only this event.

    You can´t see or enter the new event, you can´t see or buy new packs from the vault.

    After the 3 days the beginner´s event is over, the vault and the event show up - if they are not over yet.

    I know how frustrating this is, as it wasn´t announced or made public in any way.

    As we know it from n3twork - no communication at all, it really sucks


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      Yeah freaking weird.... in a private event. The whole guild is using water heroes and they're stuck in a Light event..


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        They're trying to keep the new players initial gem spending on garbage. Theres a TON of easy gems when you start out and getting actually good cards would be against n3 policy.


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          that´s so true, I tried it for myself (many times):

          started another account, saved thousands of gems from main and elite campaign.

          (elite campaign now starts at level 30)

          bought up to tier 4 of the vault - take a guess - only guaranteed stuff, not one single additional silver or gold card.

          bought a 1k vault pack - only one 3* support card

          yes, it is 100 percent intended, that you are not allowed to have (very) good cards on low levels or with free gems.

          of course, every official from n3twork will tell you the opposite

          (but facts and proof dont lie -> that´s why I start multiple test accounts almost every week and take pics and vids)
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            Can you send me both of your In game names?
            The Legendary Sniperweed117


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              Originally posted by Sniperweed117 View Post
              Can you send me both of your In game names?
              who do you mean (by both of your in game names)?