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  • Excalibur

    Hi guys. Is there a way to acquire the second Excalibur, but buying it with 5500 jewels?

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    3.5% chance for non-guaranteed relic pulls... other than that: no. Event relics remain the biggest sink for full deck costs.


    • ducaro
      ducaro commented
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      I've actually gotten two event relics on tier 2 several times. Twice with gen 3. It's totally possible!

    • CotBanks
      CotBanks commented
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      Yeah, it is possible. I got 2 on tier- 2 during the last earth commander event. I've gotten two on the first two tiers a fair number of times... not a lot, but some.

    • badwhippet
      badwhippet commented
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      For the first time ever, I pulled an extra relic on the first tier. But that's just once in almost 12 months. So 1 pull in 52 - about 2% chance maybe? Dunno. Nice to get it, but I wish the chances were a little bit higher. It's 8 very expensive tiers to reach the next guaranteed relic. There really needs to be a guaranteed 3.0 (any affinity) relic at tier V to make the packs worthwhile pushing through.

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    From what I've read here (I haven't looked at the card myself), the Hellboy gun is just a collection piece. It doesn't apparently do anything to increase skill points, so will just waste a useful slot in your deck. As said, I haven't looked at the card myself, but you might want to before sinking any cash on it.