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  • Complaint about Cash packs:

    It's already annoying that we've jumped the shark in this game. It's already descending into its flaming pit if wreckage: fitting it should happen during a hyped event featuring a B-rated box office flub.

    The wonton advertisements what they are and disregard for common decency isn't what comes of the worst in this dumpster fire... it's the missing fine print on your bogus promotional shitpacks. You skip the gems and just take cash from unsuspecting players holding you in good faith only to reward them with subpar cards, not fit for play.

    I'll expound: the pack comes with a relic and a couple of cards. The relic, as has been pointed out, boosts light slayer attack, but doesn't generate intensity and input grants a pg1 vice the current pg3/4 standing of conventional relics. No warning about that.

    Then there's the cards: sure their skills are a mite less than the event pack cards, but... to drop the counter skills down?! No other 6* cards in the game has a counter skill at level V! You've covertly cheapened the overpriced side deck beyond usability. No warning, no truth, no lube. Click image for larger version

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    Then you come out and offer a GvG pack introducing previously unseen combo (Dark Counter-attack) catapulting the dark GvG defenders to the now untouchable status unparalleled by any other color. Again, a wonton decision based on nothing but the dense musings of out-of-touch developers.

    Alex (N3TWORK) , for all the lip service you've been dishing for so long, why... why must you and your kin hold you're billpayers with such blatant contempt? I understand that you're a company in this for money, but why must that, so often, come by way of pushing the limits of player loyalty? Are we all unwilling party to your sick social experiment; Addiction: a legendary truth?

    I've been rather apologetic to many of the changes made through the nigh 2 years I've played... but I can't find the silver lining on these pigheaded moves. Enlighten me.

    P.S. canceled VIP today. VIP 11 and over a year. Convince me to restart. I dare you.
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    Great post Cots. Only VIP8, but been a payer for over a year and let my daily gems lapse and cancelling VIP.

    It pissed me off there was no way to see the reduced 6* effectiveness until you purchased the pack. At that point there is nothing you can do about it.

    The Defender pack is a total shitshow. 3 absolutely OP dark wardens all with elite skills. I run dark defenders but refuse to give them the $30 based on principles.


    • Rabbit
      Rabbit commented
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      But surely the extra 25% attack Daimo gives when he's a GVG leader should compensate for those powerful defenders, amiright?

      OMG. GVG is broken for everyone.

    • BobTheBold
      BobTheBold commented
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      This past Saturday in GvG I encountered a person who had bought the dark warden pack... I believe the team had a 108K power rating.
      I used a light team with the UF version of Mei, 3 of the lovely dren cards to create plenty of gems every second turn and a star saviour for turn delay... easy peasy lemon squeezy…

    • CotBanks
      CotBanks commented
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      BobTheBold that works at start, but ascend them, and you're up a creek without a paddle. Sure having three furthering force cards helps... for those that went in on three urs...

      Those are blocked by ascended gemsilence.

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    Funny thing. Early this morning, I was thinking... should I keep playing this crappy deck (described above, plus a Lady Sensha, because I got nothing else better), maintain my position, and get promoted to Emperors?

    Or should I just go to sleep because I am so bored playing that I can barely keep my eyes open?

    I went to sleep.

    It's a crap deck, but it's playable, and it didn't cost a mountain of gems. I don't mind the idea of offering a second class version of the event deck for a much lower cost. It would help those who don't have cards get on their feet without giving them anything game breaking.

    But I agree. It should have been made absolutely clear that that's what people were buying.