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    Legendary 3.0 the story so far…..

    We are a few days away from the launch of Legendary 3.0. We have already told you that Legendary 3.0 is the next step in our plan to increase Deck Value, Deck Building, increase New Heroes’ lasting value over time, reduce or eliminate power creep and stop adding new hero species. We have also told you about the goals we set out with:
    1. Aim to never introduce new species & continue to reduce power creep.
    2. These should all actually be the “forever decks” - There will be a time when they will be “maxed out” and following that there will be no pressure to spend/continue to work on them. They will truly be the ultimate form, and be the best things in the game. One of the ways we will do this is ensure there are no more species introduced (1).
    3. Collecting cards and building decks will be a rewarding investment over time - every card you earn will help towards your final ultimate deck collection.
    4. As your deck grows, you can make increasingly interesting decisions to swap in different Heroes based on the challenges of an event.

    Why that’s important:
    Firstly every card you get from anywhere in the game will help you on progressing the Ultimate Form. Secondly there will be real value in collecting these cards and working on them over time.

    Now to what it is…

    3.0 changes two main areas, the heroes (including the way they evolve, the situational value of having them and the value of collecting them) & the way players can get those heroes. We started by asking ourselves the questions “What do we want Legendary to be?” & “What will the players thank us for?”

    “What do we want Legendary to be?” - Legendary has been live since 2015, and it has grown considerably. Along with that growth Legendary has slowly strayed away from the game we designed it to be. Legendary should be about collecting cards and finding smart and delightful ways to use that collection in a number of different ways. 3.0 will put an emphasis on card collecting & ensuring those collections are valuable.

    “What will players thank us for?” - In the upcoming Valentine’s event launching on 13th February 2019 we will be rolling out the next set of changes to solve the 2 main areas, and this is how.


    The way you get heroes in Legendary will be completely changed, firstly every Event Hero will now be available in the packs meaning no more waiting for Event Heroes to be added to the packs. That means no more waiting a year to get access to previously released heroes you know and love. This is because now all heroes will have value, whether in certain situations such as the Spire or the challenge missions, as part of the event deck in interesting and unexpected ways or in terms of being materials to achieve the Ultimate Form.

    The what?.....

    Ultimate Forms:

    In 3.0 we will be introducing Ultimate Form, the most powerful heroes in the game, and the output of everything you do and get in Legendary. For each Affinity/Event type combo there will be an Ultimate Form and every card you get will help you in your progress towards this form. There will be 5 species per Event Type/Affinity combo (a Full Deck) which will repeat after the cycle is completed. Once achieved the Ultimate Form will be the best answer to all event challenges, because of the unique characteristics it has:
    1. The Ultimate form will have a higher Max Level, higher base stats & empowerment level, represented by the pink stars on the front of the card.
    2. They will have the highest Killer skill, which makes them powerful towards certain species.
    3. They will be able to create Ultimate Gems, giving your team massive power.
    4. They will inherit characteristics from both the UR & MC, which may include Passive Skills, Leader Skills, Counter Skills, and Battle Skills.
    5. They will have higher counter skill levels.
    6. The Ultimate Form will give their Killer skill to all similar in the team, meaning that you can truly mix and match the rest of the decks cards around it to achieve your ideal result.

    Through the Killer skill, we’re effectively reducing the number of species you’ll need. Once you have the Ultimate Form for each species/Event/Affinity type, it won’t need to be replaced by another.


    Gen 3 Relics will also be capable of the Ultimate Form and will have a unique set of characteristics similar to Ultimate Form Heroes. They will also have a specific recipe which uses relic dust, and duplicates of the relics. Historical Relics will also be added to the Relic Pack in a way similar to the Main & Ultra Packs.

    How do I get one?

    In order to get the 1 Pink Star Ultimate Form for the event you will need The MC, the UR, and 2 types of dust (Regular & Gen 3) & Gold. Gen 3 Dust comes from Gen 3 heroes and will be split by Event Type/Affinity.

    In order to make sure that there is a pathway for all players, from highly engaged to Free to Play, to achieve the Ultimate Form we are making the following changes:
    1. All heroes will now immediately be available from packs. We will be changing the way packs work to always contain all event Affinity/Event Type heroes. So in Valentines all historical water slayer heroes, even those from 10 weeks ago, will be available. This includes MCs & URs!!!
    2. We will be keeping the master pack reasonably similar barring the change above. The one other large change we will be making is a rare chance to get the MC in certain tiers of the pack, meaning players can now get lucky and get the MC before the Runes are completed.
    3. We will be changing the Ultra pack. The current ultra pack design does not align with the objectives above, where all previously released heroes should be available. For that reason we will be changing the format to be similar to the master pack, meaning there will now be UR Runes, a chance to get the UR on certain tiers of the pack and all historical Event support heroes & Ultra Rares added to the packs.
    4. The Ultra Rare will now be 13x like the MC Hero.

    We believe that this set of changes will mean that:
    • Players will be able to mix and match cards in many different ways to be successful.
    • The entry point for a competitive deck will be easier, so all player types can make a meaningful contribution to their guild in weekly events regardless of their position in the journey to Ultimate Form.
    • MCs, URs, and Ultimate Heroes can be earned over time for free due to the free runes.
    • Everything players collect will help them make progress in both the game, and towards Ultimate Form.
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