Communication Guidelines & Code of Conduct

Whether communicating with game team representatives or other players through the game’s communication channels, it’s important for players to follow the below rules & guidelines:

  • We want a free exchange of ideas that can help the game grow in a positive direction, as such please share your ideas and thoughts with the game team and one another in a productive manner. This does not mean that everything has to always be roses and unicorns - we support the idea of passionate, but civil debate. With that said, we do expect players to present their ideas and suggestions respectfully and constructively.
  • Discussions must remain on topic and must not single out and reference other players with the intention to harass, threaten or insult them, accuse them of cheating or question their in-game actions. Posts that do not hold relevance within the section they are posted in will be moved to the appropriate sub-forum, or removed entirely.
  • Do not represent that you speak on behalf of N3TWORK if you do not.
  • Consistently expressing yourself in a relatively toxic and or vitriolic manner is not encouraged and may be met with warnings and ultimately banishment from the forums if continued.
  • Attempting to control or manipulate the forum narrative through “bumping” posts or “necroing” old threads is not permitted.
  • If you are engaging with a development team member in an “Off Game Channel”, you can verify the authenticity of the individual by contacting customer service. If you have an interaction with any member of our team that violates this code of conduct please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.
  • Any communication that is reported or observed, which contains offensive language or material, encourages illegal game activity, recommends or discusses hacking, cheating, the use of any unauthorized mods or behavior that attempts to defraud Apple, Google or N3TWORK will be not tolerated and may result in immediate banning.
  • Players should not undertake or perform actions that actively work against the collaborative communication policy or attempt to negatively affect players in-game experience. While we want to always ensure you have a great experience, your use of Legendary : Game of Heroes is of your own volition and governed by our Terms of Service.
  • Finally, to state the obvious - Harassment, bullying, any illegal activity or anything that might endanger the safety of any person, in any way, will result in immediate account suspension and reporting to the appropriate authorities. If you aware of any such activity, please report immediately via our In-Game Customer Service link and select the option “Abuse”.
  • Legendary : Game of Heroes Terms of Service

Punitive Measures

While we hope we won’t need to enforce the guidelines above in a punitive way, the following outline the process should that become necessary:

  • First time offenders will receive a light warning via direct message, email, inbox message, etc.
  • Second time offenders will receive a second warning.
  • Third time offenders will receive a seven day banishment from the group.
  • Fourth time offenders will receive a permanent banishment from the group.
  • Additional issues and/or offences may result in a ban on your in game account.
Disregard, rejection, or general non-compliance of any punitive measure may result in an automatic banishment from the forums.

Once again, we want to reiterate our commitment to a continuing dialogue with our players and look forward to building a safe, productive and fun environment for all Legendary’s users.